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Exporting Booklets

Adobe PDF Print Driver for iOS

Need help correctly exporting your magazine or booklets? Guess what, you actually don't need to be hooked up to a printer to format your export! You just need this handy print driver. If you're working on a PC, chances are you can already choose this option, but for some reason, it was removed from mac in an iOS update. Adding this driver to your Adobe InDesign preset allows you to export a booklet using any size paper without being connected to a printer. Here's how to do it!

Step 1
To export a booklet for saddle stitch print and binding, first make sure you have the correct number of pages. A saddle stitch book requires that the total number of pages be divisible by 4 (or an even number of spreads) in order to print and line up properly.
Number of Pages

Step 2
Here's the trick! Download this  Adobe PDF Print driver. This allows you to export your booklet as a pdf, without choosing a printer so your size choices will not be limited. Download the zip file here, unzip it, and then drop the PPDs folder into your Adobe Indesign presets. On a Mac you can find that by opening Finder and going to Applications>Adobe Indesign>Presets and drop the PPDs folder there. That's it! (Don't take the file out of the folder or rename the folder. Drop into Presets as is! This is how InDesign reads drivers)

download PDF driver

Folder destination

Step 3
Now go back to InDesign. You're ready to export your booklet! Go to File>Print Booklet.
Open Print Settings
For Printer select PostScript
For PPD select Adobe PDF
Now you have access to all the page size options in the Setup tab. For a 10x16 magazine, choose 11x17 paper, select landscape, and make sure to select Centered for page position.

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