File Prep Pro Tips

Print File Pro Tips!

Tips from our industry experts.

We want your prints to look their absolute best! Following the guidelines below will help ensure your files are prepped, in the right format, and ready to come to life!


Convert ALL Text/Fonts to Outlines—This is very

For full beed prints, and prints requiring trimming, you must include 1/8" bleed. Export to .pdf with ALL printers marks. Files without bleed and crop marks will not be trimmed. Resubmission of artwork will be requested.

• Laser printers have a ¼” unprintable margin on the media. This can be trimmed off. However, you should have your artwork within that margin to ensure nothing gets cut off in the final product.

• Preferred File Type: High Resolution (600dpi) PDF

• Acceptable file types: *.ai - *.psd - *.tiff - *.eps- *.png- *.jpeg *.pdf *.cdr

• Microsoft Office Documents must be converted to PDF to ensure proper formatting remains intact. We are not responsible for translation issues between versions of Office and/or Typeface (Font) differences. (.PDF will eliminate those issues.)

• While we regret any errors, we are not responsible for the cost of reprinting improperly formatted / poor resolution / improperly flattened files – you will be charged for any reprints.

• Files that are not “Print Ready” are subject to set up fees.

• Please make sure your art is proportional to what you’re ordering. (3”x5” is not equivalent to 1’x7’) As an example, if you want an 11x17 print, set your file up for 11x17. We will not scale prints through the print driver due to potential for quality loss.


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